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Service process

We provide first-class one package service specific to design production, sales installation, repair and maintenance, and operation training

1. On-site survey: on-site status analysis, comprehensive planning and design. Provide the best device use plan.
2. Scheme design: fully discuss by professionals and customers, formulate suitable implementation plan, and carry out the scheme design.
3. Sign contract: sign related contract after both Parties accept the scheme, and confirm the interests of both Parties.
4. Equipment operation: strictly process and make the device according to the technical drawing of the device.
5. On-site installation: guarantee quality, quantity, and work period, and carry out civilized construction.
6. On-site debugging: before delivering to use, perform a series of strict tests and pilot running.
7. Personnel training: our professional technician will patiently provide comprehensive operation training for you.
8. Completion acceptance: pass the inspection and acceptance of related department and issue related certificates.
9. After-sales service: suggest to set up a regularly maintaining and emergency service system, and carry out a considerate after-sales service.